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The Calm Before The Storm

This episode kicks off what I'll refer to as the Jake Martinez arc, wherein Barnaby remembers seeing a criminal named Jake Martinez being the one to kill his parents. Alas for Barnaby, Jake Martinez turns out to be a very influential member of the crime syndicate known as Ouroborous who arrive on the scene to free Jake, hold Sternbild hostage, and attempt to destroy the heroes.

Yuri isn't a major player in this arc but he does make a few appearances. In episode 10, Ouroborous has started a series of initially anonymous attacks on major traffic points in the city.

Cut to the justice bureau, where some employees are discussing the situation while Yuri stands in the other room, facing a window.

Some Dude: Well, is the army containing the attack?
Some Guy: Actually Maverick has put in a request to the Mayor for the Heroes to take care of it from here on.
Some Dude: Heroes have never dealt with a terrorist attack of this magnitude before. It's outrageous, I tell ya! What is he thinking?

Yuri peeks between the blinds and squints angrily into the distance.

Yuri: [internally] Well Heroes, let's see if you're up to it.

Later on in the episode Ouroborous takes over the city's communications and Kriem sends out a message, requesting the release of Jake Martinez in return for Ouroborous not murdering everybody. Yuri is watching the broadcast in the same office from earlier, and he does that angry eye narrowing thing again while making a quiet angry noise.

The Die Is Cast

Ouroboros is holding the city hostage, and the Sternbild Mayor's crisis staff is having a meeting about it. As everyone's arguing back and forth about what to do, Kotetsu and Barnaby burst in and Kotetsu yells at everyone for being indecisive and worrying about protecting their "thing." After some clarification from Barnaby that Kotetsu means "self-interest" we get a close-up of Yuri smirking.

There are various things you could make of this, I think, depending on your interpretation of Yuri and his feelings about the heroes, particularly Kotetsu. It could be amusement at the awkwardness of Kotetsu's speech, a sign of agreement with what he's saying, a mix...

Shortly after that, though, a member of Ouroboros called Hans Chuckman bursts in with a security guard he's holding hostage, and that's the last major reaction we see of Yuri in this scene.

The heroes wind up defeating Chuckman and holding him prisoner and use the shapeshifting abilities of Origami Cyclone to take Chuckman's place. They then agree to release Jake Martinez in exchange for Ouroboros removing their forces from Sternbild. Half an hour after Jake is released, the staff is gathered once more, growing increasingly worried and impatient.

At one point, after it's mentioned that it's been half an hour, there's a shot of Yuri looking impassive.

At the end of the scene Yuri responds to a question the Mayor makes:

Mayor: [Origami Cyclone is] the key to the whole operation! Do you think he's alright out there?
Yuri: He's still alive. We're able to monitor his vital signs through sensors. We only have to worry if that green tracking signal turns red.

I'll make a note that while "alright" is a very broad word, Yuri focuses purely on if Origami Cyclone is alive or dead.

Take Heed of the Snake in the Grass

In this episode the various plans to deal with Jake all go tits up: Jake figures out Origami Cyclone is disguised as Chuckman, Kotetsu screws up Barnaby's attempt at confronting Jake, and then Jake tracks down the original Chuckman, kills him, and bursts into the Mayor's meeting room to announce his latest evil demand. During this, we get another frowny reaction shot of Yuri.

We also get another reaction shot later on in the episode, when Ivan wakes up in the hospital and contacts the Mayor's staff with important information about how Kriem and Jake are controlling the exo-suits they're threatening the city with. He's a bit less frowny in it, I think? Being expressive during staff meetings isn't exactly something Yuri's known for.

Anyway, that's all he does in this episode.

Confidence is a Plant of Slow Growth

In this episode, Barnaby's busy fighting Jake and unfortunately, mostly getting his ass kicked. Yuri, watching the match's broadcast, comments:

Yuri: This is what you call justice? You don't inspire much confidence.

Like Yuri would do much better against  a mind reader. Not that anyone (besides Kotetsu, possibly) has figured out that Jake can read minds, yet.

Eventually, though, Kotetsu figures out Jake's deal and by working together with Barnaby, while the other heroes secretly disable Ouroboros's exosuits, they're able to take down Jake. Jake attempts to escape but screws up an attack on Kotetsu, resulting in blowing up a helicoptor, resulting in Jake's death and Kriem landing in a coma.

As the city celebrates the defeat of Ouroboros, Yuri, watching the broadcast and drinking tea with an excessive amount of honey mixed into it, is pleased as well.

Yuri: Evil is always destined to be annihilated. 

Now. Look, I know his options were slightly limited during this- can't just go haring off to set people on fire when you're surrounded by the most important politicians in the city- and I swear, I love Yuri dearly, but this scene always makes me picture this:

An edit of some screenshots from Sailor Moon. In the first shot, Yuri's face has been pasted over Tuxedo Mask's as he says "My job here is done." In the second, Kotetsu's face is pasted over Sailor Moon's as she says "But you didn't do anything." In the third, a smirking Yuri's face is pasted over an exiting Tuxedo Mask.

That concludes Yuri's appearance in the Jake Martinez arc. Like I said, he doesn't really provide a major role and a lot of his appearances here feel more like a "Hey, this guy's still around" than anything else.

I can't help but wonder what would have happened if he had tried going after Jake, however. Has anyone written that fanfic yet?
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