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There's some fanart of a horror game scene in which a guy gets murdered by an ink demon off camera, so if implied violence bothers you, be wary?


A Peridot from Steven Universe, drawn as a response to a Ghibli movie reference/joke about how buff Jasper is.

Chara and Sans having a conversation.

Another person's Yugi Motou fanart which I decided to try coloring.

Portrait of Chara and my headcanon for their biological parents, drawn mostly because I needed a cover for a FST I was making. You can see some alternate versions here.

Fanart of that Amulet series I've been reading! After some encouragement from [personal profile] thethrillof and my brother I got up the nerve to tweet it at Kazu Kibuishi and he gave it a like, which was pretty nice.

Hypothetical version of Lotor from Voltron: Legendary Defender. I had the idea that he might wind up fiddling with that lock of hair of his as a personal quirk.

And fanart of the Chapter 2 climax from Bendy and the Ink Machine! This isn't 100% accurate to the actual scene probably, alas. Henry's (Henry = the protag/guy in bondage here) design here is based off of the one by [tumblr.com profile] doodledrawsthings You can see my original sketch of this here.
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