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 [blows dust off blog]

Man I really need to get back to updating my book rambles and stuff. But in the meantime, here's some shiny pictures for you to look at! Be forwarned the first image here is pretty dang big.

I want to make it VERY VERY CLEAR that this is NOT MY LINEART: The original piece was drawn by [tumblr.com profile] moresquigglylines on tumblr, and you can see it here. (If you dig around on their blog you should be able to find other colored versions of it, because I was not the only one inspired.) This is just my coloring of it because pretty much as soon as I saw it, the pic made my inner princess-loving eight-year-old girl go all starry-eyed. Needless to say, I had an absolute BALL working on this one.

For those wondering, the picture is of Princess Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Various meme expressions ft. Barbara Gordon from TB, Chara and Frisk, and Bendy. Also ft. my own hand inking, albeit usually edited here and there on the computer.

Crossover pic of Allura and Frisk and Allura's pet space mice, because I was watching this show with [personal profile] thethrillof  and she was very charmed by the mice, and I thought it would be cute to draw 'em with Jules's main RP character.

Toned paper experiment ft. hypothetical Lotor from Voltron Legendary Defender. I do not like this one that much tbh. MOVING ON.

More expression memery ft. a batdweeb.

And a quick ref for my Chara design which I needed to throw into a my-interpretation-of-chara meme. Ft. more hand inking. Of all things, I think I'm most proud of the little detail of the scratch marks on the knife- this is sort of how I imagine the Worn Dagger/Real Knife looking when it doesn't have a glowy red LOVE aura.


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