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Ones that I've actually heard of, anyway.

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Wasn't actually tagged for this, just felt like doing it.

"Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs. No cheating!"
+ Favorite lines from said songs. (If applicable.)

1. Birdhouse In Your Soul - Pushing Daisies OST
(I have a secret to tell / From my electrical well)

2. Don't Ask Me - OK Go
(Don't be so damn benign / And don't waste my fucking time)

3. Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
(Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep / But singing works just fine for me)

4. Sails of Silver - Steeleye Span
(And you, false love, will weep for me / When I'm gone, when I'm gone, when I'm gone)

5. Cameo Lover - Kimbra
(Open up your heart! Open up your heart! / Open up your heart and let me pull you out of here)

6. Champagne Supernova - Oasis
(But you and I, we live and die / The world's still spinning 'round / We don't know why)

7. Rosa Morada - Rita
(心の中 探っても見つからぬままの あなたを探し)

8. A Lonely Voice - October Project
(I keep looking back / Traditions back across the centuries)

9. San Fran - Kids of 88
(We were too young to know / We were shadows)

10. Hamburg Song - Keane
(Fool, I wonder if you know yourself at all / You know that it could be so simple)

* * *

If you're seeing this, take it as an invitation to do this as well.


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