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The Calm Before The Storm

This episode kicks off what I'll refer to as the Jake Martinez arc, wherein Barnaby remembers seeing a criminal named Jake Martinez being the one to kill his parents. Alas for Barnaby, Jake Martinez turns out to be a very influential member of the crime syndicate known as Ouroborous who arrive on the scene to free Jake, hold Sternbild hostage, and attempt to destroy the heroes.

Yuri isn't a major player in this arc but he does make a few appearances. In episode 10, Ouroborous has started a series of initially anonymous attacks on major traffic points in the city.

Cut to the justice bureau, where some employees are discussing the situation while Yuri stands in the other room, facing a window.

Some Dude: Well, is the army containing the attack?
Some Guy: Actually Maverick has put in a request to the Mayor for the Heroes to take care of it from here on.
Some Dude: Heroes have never dealt with a terrorist attack of this magnitude before. It's outrageous, I tell ya! What is he thinking?

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There Is Always a Next Time 

The episode starts off with the publicity fallout from the previous episode: we look at various citizens talking about Lunatic and how his methods are probably more effective than the Heroes non-lethal ones. After the opening song we cut to a meeting of various CEOs around the city discussing the situation.

Poseidon Line CEO: I must say this is unexpected.
Helios Energy CEO: We never thought something like this would cause the public to mistrust our city's heroes.
Titan Industry CEO: If more and more people question their abilities it could be disastrous.
Helperidese Finance CEO: You're right, it could put Hero TV in jeopardy.
Odysseus Communication CEO: We've got to do everything we can to prevent that from happening. At this point we've got too much money invested in them.

There's a brief shot of Maverick's neutral expression, then Yuri speaks up.

Yuri: Let's focus. We can't afford to have someone operating above the law. Lunatic may think he's fixing the world but the Justice Bureau doesn't approve of the use of capital punishment. We should be putting together a plan to arrest him, and as soon as possible, before there are more victims.
Kronos Foods CEO: Wait a second, how do we do that? We have no idea when or where he'll strike again!

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The Wolf Knows What The Ill Beast Thinks

We start off reiterating where the last episode left off as Lunatic- not that we know his name at this point- kills the repairman. Bunny tries to pursue him but alas, Lunatic has vanished.

Anyway, most of the episode is Bunny angst and other plot stuff, which I won't get into because this is a Yuri Petrov Observation Diary, not a Tiger & Bunny In General Observation Diary. There are, however, a coupla Lunatic-related notes before he shows up again:
  • The heroes end up hypothesizing that Lunatic is affiliated with Ouroborous and the murder victims were all members of the organization being killed off to "plug leaks." This will be revealed to be wrong but I'm making a note of it anyway.
  • There's a scene where some kid kicks Wild Tiger and yells at him for not killing the "bad guys" during a charity show, foreshadowing the effect Lunatic's actions are going to have in the next episode.

About thirteen minutes into the episode the heroes zoom off to the hideout of a crime syndicate they're going to raid alongside the police.

And then, the instant Hero TV goes on air....

Hi Yuri!
It's not really stated but I think it's fairly reasonable to assume Yuri was in on Agnes's plans for this broadcast (since she had to contact the Justice Bureau, where he works, in order to get the go ahead) and that he deliberately timed his attack to start the instant the show does. Because Yuri Petrov is an extremely melodramatic man.

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All's Well That Ends Well

First episode and no dialogue or anything from Yuri, but he does have a cameo in the scene with the after party.

Screenshot of Blue Rose arguing with her manager, who says "That domineering attitude is what makes you so popular." Yuri Petrov can be seen in the background.

He's on the far left. Drinking... something. I'm pretty sure that's not a champagne glass, but beyond that I have no idea. It's probably something alcoholic though, which is interesting considering his familial history with alcohol. I doubt he's a leisurely drinker, but he's apparently okay with taking a glass at social occasions like this.

If I understand correctly he does and says slightly more during The Beginning movie, which is sort of an expansion on the first few episodes; I'll try to watch the movie properly later, but there's a more focused shot of Yuri during this scene, and a new scene later on where he introduces himself to Barnaby- if I remember correctly, during the exchange he encourages Barnaby to "follow his own sense of justice" and it's also mentioned that Yuri's actually pretty new to his position with the Justice Bureau.
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